Whose Lasts Longer?

I am not sure why this fact brings me joy.

I am certainly not a “man-hater” and often take pleasure in their pleasure, but whereas I think most women feel competition with other women…I feel competition with men.

It’s not that I wish to BE a man, exactly; although, without a doubt there are privileges that come with being of the male-gender…ones that large portions of our society value.

But, I am no cry-baby.

I do not yearn for a penis.

(I can strap one on, if the situation calls.)

No…but I DO want to be:


I know, I know…in declaring this I am simply promoting misandry, reinforcing misogyny and continuing the tradition of male-centered patrimony that places “winning” above all else.

But, it’s the truth.

I want to be better…than a man, in every way. And what’s more…I want them to acknowledge that I am better.

Sounds harsh, even as I write, but it is honest. This desire is one of the driving forces in my life, perhaps the fuel behind my constant need for achievement both professionally and personally. A shrink (haha, I am one) would say it may be the origin of my desire for women.

“But competition is bad,” you say, “t promotes separation and agression, rather than connection and harmony.”

I hear you and…I disagree.

I think that competition can bond us, work to bring “the other” up, while simultaneously increasing expectations.

You do better, I do better, WE do better.

Sounds like a rosy world doesn’t it? I know we may never coexist, men and women, as allies, per say, but…at least my orgasms are longer than yours.

xxx, conchita.

15 thoughts on “Whose Lasts Longer?

  1. bbj4 says:

    I have to admit your posts often make me smile. As a male who has many female friends we often talk about things such as this. Competition is something I have always welcomed in a relationship, specially sexually.

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      Thank you for saying that BBJ…I wasn’t sure about this blog, it was something I felt, feel, but never in a negative way…I didn’t want to come off as a total man-hater…because to me the competitive aspect is something I enjoy most in my relationships with men! xxx

  2. Vanessa says:

    Once again I am pleased to have read your blog. A while back, I was having a conversation with this male friend about this orgasm I’d experienced that wouldn’t quit….earth shattering even. During the convo, the air changed and it did feel competitive and I thought it was odd that I came away feeling as if he was jealous that this is/was the norm for me and so, it was refreshing to read your thoughts. It reaffirms mine!

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      you know it’s funny I always wonder about the true origin of my competitive feelings with men in general…does it stem from thinking I am less-than? Do I see them as better on some level? I think the answer is not…maybe when i was younger…but as an adult it just feels healthy and very woman-affirming to say: Yeah, we women are just better in some ways 😛 lol

  3. Lucianus Mauricius says:

    Indeed your orgasms may last longer, yet you’re forgetting one simple truth, that though a male’s orgasm is shorter he can also achieve multiple orgasms if he ever bother to learn how, and let me tell you they’re awesome 🙂 Food for thought

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