Wet Wednesday III: Bbbbuuuuzzzzzzzin’ Boobs!

This week’s entry is a bit of a spoof. What can I say, when I saw these on Katerina’s Closet I could NOT resist:

Pleasure Cupz Vibrating Nipple Massagers

in Purple

(as if they could come in any other color)

Product Details:

List price: $7.88, On Sale for $6.99.

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these incredible Vibrating Pleasure Cupz. Each jelly nipple suction cup features a powerful micro-massager that delivers discreet stimulation right to your nipples. Simply place them on your breast over the nipple and squeeze, then flip the power switch on the tiny bullet. The tiny TPR nubs on the inside of the massager tickle, tease and please with every vibration. The bullet can be switched on or off and battery life is approximately 40 minutes.

(Here they sit on my bathroom counter…turned on and just vibing away.)


 Now I realize I am a bit eccentric in my tastes, and NO these are NOT what “everyone needs” to own for their sex toy box (you DO have one, right?), rather these little nipple-vibes are an extra…think of them as the cherry on top. At least that’s how I enjoyed them, last night.


When I ripped open my Pleasure Cupz (in purple) and immediately pulled-down my top to try’em out, see above (realtime), I was pleasantly surprised!

I have used a lot of nipple clamps (although I have yet to write about them), but this was something entirely different. Whereas nipple clamps tend to be of the S&M world, these are more like nipple-ticklers.

They are rubber and I assumed they suctioned on, they do look like suction cups, but they do not. You just sort of press them to your nipples (as above).

My immediate reaction was tit-tillation (sorry, had to…it’s punny).

Then, I thought:

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with these? They are pleasant but it’s not like I can orgasm from them…Ahhhh, but wouldn’t they be nice, as a SEX-TRA!”

And so, I immediately geared-up for a masturbation session, nipple-rubbers in hand, and went to it!

The results?

These little purple-nipple-cupz definitely add a little something extra to the mix. And while I admit to having sensitive nipples, I this most would enjoy these lil’ babies.

As a side note, my peeping neighbor must have had quite a show last night…I had a bullet, a vibe, and these lil cupz ALL buzzing while “testing” this product! A woman’s work is never DONE!

Happy Wet Wednesday!

Make sure it’s dripping…xxx c.

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