Wet Wednesday (III) – A Day Late, But Always Worth the Wait – I Will Make You Wetter!

Some of my very hottest sex-sessions have taken place in the shower.  Their nature has run the gamut some were spontaneous quickies, others all night fuck fests until our hands and feet looked like 80 year-olds, still others were almost casual, “Wanna take a shower?” “Uh, YES!”

The image above represents the second variety…and was one of the most memorable nights in my life (no lie)…we went on and on and on…blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, repeatedly…(sigh)…Oops almost lost my thought process there.

Yes, it’s Wet Wednesday and we are talking about accoutrements that might enhance our sex lives, right! And this week I bring you what is less of an adult toy and more of an accessory, the  Fetish Fantasy Perfect Position Handles (Available to Katerina’s Closet for $24.75, NOW 17% off at $20.49)

The product description reads:

Turn your shower into an erotic playground with the Fetish Fantasy Perfect Position Handles. Showering with your loved one will never be the same again, thanks to these versatile suction position handles. The powerful suction bases stick to nearly any flat surface – from shower tiles to floors to glass shower doors – allowing you to explore positions you never dreamed possible! Adventurous sex in the shower is no longer limited to the gifted or athletic – with these high-strength suction handles, you can try difficult positions with ease and get the right angle every time. They help with balance, give you leverage and ensure safety when the action heats up. Go ahead, explore your wet and wild Fetish Fantasies!

Now to date I haven’t used this product, but have already placed an order because what’s the one thing we can all agree on about shower-sex, be it good, bad or mind-blowing?


True story.

In fact one that has occurred more often than I would really like to admit…although I will say I played it off nicely,

“Oh what? NO I am just fine I want to be down HERE, see?”

Despite my graceful excuses, I would prefer a bit more stability while getting soapy and sexy with my partner…s. 🙂

Let’s just say I am a dirty girl!

xxx c.

4 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday (III) – A Day Late, But Always Worth the Wait – I Will Make You Wetter!

  1. Angela says:

    My husband I love love love the shower handles. There are also foot rests when you want to prop up a leg without slipping AND knee pads…. they really have thought of everything LOL

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