Bisexual Invisibility Has Dangerous Consequences

I have had a very similar experience in “coming out” and learning to claim my bisexuality. Still, I find that when I am in the company of those who identify as “gay” I nearly apologize for my sexuality when asked about my preference. I STILL feel more comfortable when people assume, that when I am with a woman, I am a “lesbian” and when with a man, I am “straight”. I think that my own shame reflects on the very real “biphobia” you describe and that many bisexuals (like myself) have internalized. As you state: “I believe sexuality, as a continuum with no easy boxes to fit into, is the most logical explanation for the variations we see in human sexuality. Labels are vile and unrealistic to me, an attempt to satisfy others’ need for simplicity when life just isn’t so. I have struggled with how I would explain myself, resentful that I had to at all. My partners have always known me to be fluid and I hadn’t considered it anybody else’s business. At a certain point I decided that I had to claim my place in the community because my own invisibility would be part of the perpetuation of others pretending I don’t even exist. I wrote ‘bi’ across my forehead and wore it proudly.

– Thank you.
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