Wet Wednesday (II): So COOL, it’s HOT!

Welcome to the second installment of Wet Wednesdays, your guide to the best of the best products for “adult” consumption (aka, adult toys). Hosted by our favorite adult toy retailer, Katerina’s Closet!

This week we are looking at lube. Now we have all had good and bad experiences with lube I am sure, remember that time it was so slick you just couldn’t “stay put” or that other time “sticky sweet” had an entirely different connotation? Well, I certainly do, yet I still feel there is a definite place for lube in our sex lives, you simply need the right lube for the “job”!

Today, I will be focusing on a specific COOLING lube, Jo Agape Women Cool.

Jo Agape Women Cool 4oz

Available at Katerina’s Closet

PRICE: $18.79
AGAPE Women Cooling Lubricant is uniquely formulated for women with sensitive bodies and contains no glycerin or oil, with the added tingling sensation to arouse and heighten the sensual experience. JO AGAPE has the same silky feel and qualities of other JO lubricants but is specifically developed for women’s sensual needs. It’s silky smooth, never sticky or tacky.

I know most of you have heard of warming lubes, but perhaps not all of you even knew that COOLING lubes existed, or even WHY you might want them. Well, as your sex-toy guru, I have (some of) the answers!

COOLING LUBES are great for anal sex.

Okay, calm down…I know what you are thinking,

“But anal is such a chore!”


(see I can rhyme, too!)

Note: I actually wrote a post about some great techniques for making anal easier previously (read ANAL POST HERE). So, you need never FEAR, we aim to please…HERE (another rhyme, I am seriously on a roll).

Butt (punny), back to the product at hand:

Cooling lubes such as this are excellent for anal because one of the most challenging aspects of anal, no matter what position you choose, is the burning sensation. Non-sticky silicone lubes like Jo work to coat and stay-put without becoming overly tacky.

One caution I would add is, a little bit goes a very long way; this also addresses the price issue. I know $19 for a bottle of lube sounds like a bit much, but seriously I have a 2oz bottle (half the size of the one above), it’s a year later, and still a quarter of the bottle remains…and yes, I DO use it…often.


Which brings me to diversity. COOLING can also be interpreted by our tender parts as: TINGLING!

Therefore, this lube also makes excellent fun for use with vibes and dildos, creating that opposite effect: when you get SO HEATED UP…that ICEY-COLD feels like…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Let’s just say, opposites attract!

With that, go forth…and enjoy a little COOL in your HOT nights,

xxx, conchita.

5 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday (II): So COOL, it’s HOT!

  1. Simon says:

    Love Wet wednesday.. Conchita u know how much you are appreciated by us… Can’t wait a week for the next WET blog post… Can’t get enough… Hugs Kisses….

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