Sexy Fun Post Mastectomy Style With PASTEASE!

Pastease makes fun and sassy nipple coverings for us girls that wanna walk on the wilder side! Stephanie, works at Pastease and really is such a positive and compassionate woman; to that end, she recently posted a video concerning special order Pastease for woman who have had mastectomy surgery or any other type of surgery on their breast/s. Such a great idea…and take a look…because nothing should limit us from being exhibitionists! xxx c.

Stephanie shares styles that are made with extra love and care for those embracing life after a mastectomy. We get a few heart felt emails a year about women wanting to rock out with their breasts out post reconstructive surgery. We got you covered. Feeling self conscious of your scars? We’re here to help. Cheers to a healthy, sexy, fun future! 

Visit to check out all 140+ styles.

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