This blog, I feel, very much captures the tenuous balance between the abuser and the abused. In cases of childhood sexual abuse…it is a struggle that spans a lifetime often with many unexpected turns. xxx c.


English novelist Virginia Woolf says she was sexually abused by her two half brothers. Woolf recorded her experiences in her twenty-four volume diaries and claims that her sister was also molested by the brothers.

Woolf wrote that she did not tell her parents because she knew they would protect her abusers. Woolf suffered from depression and Bipolar Disorder for many years, and it is clear that the incest disturbed her life in profound ways.

According to biographer Louise DeSalvo, Woolf’s denial system began to seriously affect her, after she read Freud’s theory of repressed memories of sexual abuse being a result of a sexual fantasy. Woolf began to suffer from the devastating damage that denial can do to a survivor of child sexual abuse.

Like most children, Woolf did not want to believe that she had been the victim of incest and unloved by her parents, so she instead chose…

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