Today’s Renaissance Woman

Sara Fabel ( caught my attention on Instagram (a photosharing iPhone application).

She was odd: punky, inked from head-to-toe, pale, lanky, and had an otherworldly almost faery-like beauty.

She shared images from her life, her travels, her modeling, her photography, and her art. I was enthralled. Here was a very young woman who truly owned her own world, beginning with herSELF.

She calls herself a “freelancer” and wishes to live her life through exploring her passions…and I think THAT is…truly…the mark of a renaissance woman…one who explores their passions, on their own terms.

Cheers, to ALL of those who strive to do the same, I am proud to say that I know many men and women who have chosen this same path…and  can safely say, that to pattern your life so, only inspires those around you to do the same, to follow their own dreams and discoveries.

Thank you…to ALL YOU RENAISSANCE WOMEN AND MEN, you ultimately make the word a better more beautiful and exciting place for us ALL, xxx conchita.

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