‘I Give Myself Very Good Advice…’

But I very seldomly follow it.” – Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.

Last night, over conversation that can only be had over multiple glasses of fizzy lambrusco and exceptional buffalo mozzarella with fresh basil and tomatos, as I was recounting my recent romantic failure, a very good friend had a brilliant and penetrating response:

“You know, you can only start being happy in relationships when you realize everything that happens in them, from the moment you begin to the moment it’s over, is about YOU.” 

I knew this. I know this! But somehow hearing it from another had a different impact; gave me a moment to pause:

It’s not about you, it’s about ME. I cannot control, predict, or even understand all of your actions…but mine, mine I can, and I owe it to the people who have chosen to be a part of my life to to do exactly that.

Thank you, my friend…you are a wise woman.

Isn’t it funny how it always sounds better coming from someone else’s lips…

xxx c.

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