‘Rome in Rome’: The Bisexual’s Bind…(really a love story)

This is a fantastic film…detailing the bind all lovers face (as in the original), but specifically common issues faced by women who love women…and men.

The scenes depict both the tenderness of the mundane as well as the heat of passion in a way that so very few films actually capture.

Natasha: This is the first time in my life when I look like this at a woman. And never before has a woman looked at me this way.

Natasha: I think it will work better if you undress me.

Alba: I am going to give you the best kiss of your life; are you ready?

Natasha: Alba, this stays here, OK? In this room.

Alba: In Rome. But since we’re here, let’s have some fun.

Alba: If we did not have partners, what would we do, you and me?

Natasha: Do not forget, I like men.

Alba: But you like me as well.

Natasha: But I like men better.

Alba: I know some women who once they were with a woman they never went back.

Room in Rome is Julio Modem’s first English-language film and it’s based on Matias Bize’s In the Bed. In the original, a man and a woman share a night of passion and carelessly-spilled secrets. Modem’s adaptation promises all of the passion and all of the secrets — only this time it happens in Rome, between two women.

I hope this film strikes you as much as it me, salute!
xxx c.

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