Fake vs. Real: Everything BUTT

I remember when my boyfriend first introduced me to “Coco” that tanned, cupiesque, curvaceous delight that scampers through Ice-T‘s reality show.

I took one look and thought,

Lord how could you possibly be attracted to me? I can’t even believe that is a ‘real’ woman!

Then I read a bit about her and discovered that her ASS-ets are somewhat up for debate, as to whether or not they are God-given or man-made,

Of course that ass is fake! 

I heard again and again…the then her retort:

My ass is 100% real!

And at some point I realized, I didn’t much care…real, fake…blessed or made…you had to give this woman credit for capitalizing on what (at least in dominant white culture) is not considered main-stream beauty…and yet, millions of fans can’t be wrong…Mrs. Coco’s physique is much lauded. And I for one…think she is SEXY BEYOND!

Perhaps…(one can hope)…we are at a time in our culture when beauty (once again) comes in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and orientations! If not, then maybe just you and I can share our love of curves…that suits me just fine!

xxx, c.

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