Desire is…A Siren’s Song

Siren, Melusina (Melusine), Water Nymph…most commonly, MERMAID. She has always fascinated me. With her sensuous curves and other worldly beauty, she represents all desire…never grasped. She is the ultimate unrequited love story:

To have, yet

never to hold.

A mermaid found a swimming lad,
picked him for her own,
pressed her body, laughed;
and plunging down
forgot in cruel happiness
that even lovers drown.
W.B. Yeats / “The Mermaid”

The world had refused
my well-formed creations,
My love no reward
for its smooth sympathy.
I took my desire
to sea for a lifetime,
To find some small passion
for this soul’s release.

Discovered the truth
as siren’s eyes found me,
Her song written for
a forgotten sixth sense.
My lover’s warm touch
gave me understanding;
I followed her down
to a quiet absence.

The Siren by Jeff Doak

(© 1996 Jeff Doak. All rights reserved)

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