Death & Marriage

Nothing makes me think of marriage more than Day of the Dead. Not in a negative way, necessarily, rather as a reminder that marriage (is intended to be) until death. A wedding is, a serious celebration…to death. A macabre interpretation, perhaps, but you cannot deny the parallel.

Quilt (above) made by Carrie Beauchamp
Alexandria, VA

Marriage is a rite of passage. The bride is on the threshold of a new life, shedding her independent single identity to build up a more complicated new one. She may not like all that being a wife has meant in the past, and yet she chooses to carefully reinvent that tradition rather than surrender to it or abandon it. She does not know what trials await her; she does not know who she will become. She may feel vulnerable and strangely alone, yet she faces her future with faith and a full, radiant heart.
xxx c.

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