Monday’s Poem: ‘Halloween,’ by Sandra Beasley

Somewhere in town tonight,

a woman is discovering

her inner Sexy Pirate.

This is not to be confused

with one’s inner Sexy Witch,

Sexy Kitten, Sexy Librarian,

Sexy Bo Peep, Sexy Vampire,

Sexy Race Car Driver, or

inner Sexy Ophthalmologist.

She forgot to buy ribbon,

so she threads the corset’s eyelets

with gym shoes laces.

She re-poofs the sleeves

of her buccaneer blouse.

Arrrr, she says to the mirror.

Argh, the mirror sighs in return.

Once I asked my mother why

anyone would wear tights like that

to net a fish.

Wouldn’t your legs get cold?

Wouldn’t your heels slip

on the wet deck of a ship? Shush,

my mother said, adjusting the wig

on her Sexy Cleopatra.

Somewhere in town tonight,

a sitter sets out the pumpkin.

A girl studies its fat head.

They punch its eyes in, so

it can see. They cut its mouth out,

so it can smile. Now you bring it

to life, the sitter will say.

And where its seeds had been,

the girl will place a flame.

xxx c.

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