What’s in a Name? (Part II: Charly Carlyle)


It was my first full-length “film”…and the night before shooting, at “rehearsal”, my produced asked me, “What name would you like to be billed under?” It seemed at once the most simplistic and most complex of questions.


How much of “myself” did I want associated with these projects?

How important was this name?

Would I be forever associated with this name?

A name is a fairly important concept, even one that is “made up” or rather especially one that is made up! In the end I went with a classic formula, and left it to my personal history to dictate the name that would forever be associated with my work in the adult film industry.

The name Charly Carlyle originated in the same manner that many of the best names in the adult film industry have:

  1. What is the name of your first pet: Charlie (the German Shepard)
  2. What is the name of the street you grew up on: Carlisle

Combine fact with a little creativity, and a hint at my given name and voila! = PORN STAR STATUS!

It is true that I have played a doctor in my films…

So…sometimes a name represents an aspect of ourselves, a piece…to me Charly Carlyle represents an important process, a necessary process…and very much a part of who I am even if it’s not a comprehensive representation…I think THAT is just too much to ask from a name!



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