A Slammerskin, is it a loose dress…or a loose WOMAN?

Slammerkin: noun [eighteenth century of unknown origin.] 1. A loose gown. 2. A loose woman. (From Emma Donoghue’s 2000 novel of the same name)

A woman who her embraces sexuality and uses sex as power, for profit, has always been maligned. And yet, do we not all “sell” ourselves, in one way or another? Whether or not it is prostitution to profit (monetarily or emotionally) from the selling of one’s own body as a performer, model, lover, dancer, athlete, dominatrix, actress…or any other profession legitimate or otherwise…there is an undeniable parallel between engaging in all of these activities and in turning a profit as a fille de joie or whore, if you prefer. And, as woman, it seems a mistake in comprehension to place a moral judgment upon any one of these states-of-being as more superior to any other. They are not. Be it a loose woman or a loose gown, a slammerskin is simply another name for CHOICE.

*Note: This post is overly simplistic is its view and I certainly did not mean to trivialize sexual crimes against women, rather my intention was to highlight the empowerment of owning one’s body and sexuality in all possible ways, without marginalizing those whom society has chosen to judge as less than.

xxx c.

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