Pain: an Ode to SQUATS!

My leg muscles are truly KILLING me today!

And when I think about it…I love it.

Spending my child- and young adulthood training as a classical ballerina I endured each day wincing as I walked down stairs, sat down, or even took a step…my thighs tight as drum skins.

Today, that muscle-pain is so much a part of who I am it’s become a feeling full of meaning for me:

I am training hard.

I am strong.

I am achieving.

I am focused.

This mantra has often served as a metaphor conjured in rougher times…it has pulled me though, and is the very reason I try to work out every day…because if I do nothing else today:

I WORKED OUT…my body and my soul.

And so this stiffness, this achy pain, is a symbol to me…a symbol that represents the well-being, discipline, and respect that I have cultivated for myself.

Happy training…happy Tuesday…Oh and I know its Sex-Toy Tuesday and I am in the market for a new one…ideas anyone?

xxx c.

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