Monday Musings: MY BODY IS A…

CONSTRUCT (noun) 1 : something constructed by the mind: as a : a theoretical entity b : a working hypothesis or concept 2 : a product of ideology, history, or social circumstances.

As a woman who has understood her body as a CONSTRUCTworking in the sex industry in adult film, as a dominatrix, in live erotic performance art…even when studying classical ballet, as a distance runner, and when lifting weights…I can say that I have an intimate understanding of my physicality.

I appreciate my body for its strength, curves, and value.

My body generates feelings of pleasure, contentment, surprise, and disappointment…in myself.

At times my body has represented beauty and, at other times, vulnerability.

Often, I have taken great pride in the intimate pleasures my body can coax from those I love.

My body is a construct…a theoretical entity within a physical being.

(Monday musing…enjoy your week, xxx c.)

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