Welcome to PEEPSHOW @ PachaNYC (Saturday 6/25) with Chriss Vargas-DP Productions NYC!

Peep . show: n.

1. An exhibition of pictures or objects viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass. Also called raree show.

2. A short pornographic film presentation seen usually in a small coin-operated projection booth.

Ever wish for a look inside a woman’s boudoir?

Ever wonder what women fantasize about in the quiet moments between night and day?

This Saturday at PachaNYC for Chriss Vargas: PEEPSHOW III (DP Productions NYC)

I hope to give you a glimpse into JUST THAT…a look into the private sexual life of a woman…A bit of PURE fantasy? YES…of course…as it is meant to “set for the stage”…but I ALWAYS pull from real-life…how could I not?!

And so…let me set the stage for you, please step into my PEEPSHOW:

A woman…in LUST with another woman.

A slave to her fantasies, she is led into a space of DESIRE where she is at the whim of her mistress.

She submits…she bends to her mistress’ whims…until…the woman finds her own WILL, and THRUSTS that POWER onto her lover.

The woman explores her desires fully with her lover…trading submission for DOMINATION.

Again they come together…in each other’s arms.

Thank you…for sharing this moment with me and I do hope you can make it out this weekend! Xxx c

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