Sex Toy Tuesday: A *G.T.D.W.G.* Special Edition…with a CHERRY on top!

Tonight…I can’t seem to get cherries out of my mind.

Perhaps, it has something to do with the upcoming  G.irlz T.hat D.ance W.ith G.irlz ( G.T.D.W.G. party THIS THURSDAY in downtown NYC.

These monthly events are so very special to me and this one particularly so. The theme is *CHERRIES* and as always it is a play on femininity, a comment meant to claim woman-ness and at the same time celebrate the fun of female sexuality...”Twist My Cherry”…INDEED!

Anyway, it has me obsessing a bit. Thinking about what I’ll wear, what games to play–the options seems endless really! And naturally, on this day when I am typically fixating on sex toys what better way to express all this pent up excitement than an ode to cherries and SEX! And so, without further ado I present to you…

Cherry Pastease to get you in the mood.

Cherry panties for you, or me, to remove later.

A cherry flavored lube to warm you up.

A cherry colored dildo get the job started, with a vibrator to finish the job.

Cherry flavored whipped cream to lick it up.

With visions of sex under the cherry blossoms, Kama Sutra style.

A Kiss shared with a…Girl…with a Cherry in her mouth.

Whether you are joining us for the event Thursday or simply someone who enjoys cherries it is my hope that my list of cherries-to-get-you-in-the-mood does just that!

xxx c.

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