Feisty Friday Quotes: Words of Sound Advice From a Friend

Everyone is entitled to step the wrong way or make mistakes in life an relationships. I know you have thick skin so what ever it was must of really been bothering you. 

I tend to mentally beat the shit out of myself when I find I feel like I let someone down or I wasn’t able to execute a goal of mine with out cutting a corner. 

Just breathe deep and long and I’m sure it will all work out and you’ll be back to your self in no time! It’s ok to dwell for a little bit but bounce back quickly!

I struggled a bit this week…I will admit. But I can see the proverbial “light” and am inching my way towards it. I really want to get back to my writing…but, the “career”  saps the creativity from me…Slowly though, I feel it trickling back, it’s why I have returned to “my page” to write and indulge you in my misadventures (though up to now I fear it’s been mere tidbits and less meat, gnawing rather than gulping–but you must start somewhere, no?). I do have so much to write about…I simply need some quiet time, to carve-out and sit…with it all…I know you’ve been here whether ir was a creative endeavor, a feeling, a relationship, a goal we all have periods where we seem to just tread water and wait…for words like those above to lift us up and inspire us to keep moving, keep us pushing…thank you, for those words.

xxx cc.

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