Sex Toy Tuesday…the RETURN F-Machines and All!

Well it has been awhile since I have done an entry addressing the pleasures of adult toys and so to kick off the relaunch of my site…I thought I would test drive one:


Now this is but one example of these rather aggressive toys. And they come in all sorts of



and of course, POWER!

Now the version i had was of the “homegrown” type…a product of the ingenuity of a handy-MAN. And although the purpose was evident, the actually execution never quite…came to fruition, shall we say? Yes…in this case the penile apparatus seemed too flaccid to get the job done shall we say? And instead seemed to make a much better…MASSAGE?  But, my personal experience aside, this is a grand idea no? And I have good evidence that these machines work quite well when a more rigid approach is taken, shall we say?

From my very limited experience it seems men are most motivated to create these Fucking Machines which makes sense from a familiarity-with-tools perspective but…in practice…these machines seem to fall a bit short…or rather long? I tease a bit, but what I am trying to say I think is that, while men grasp the “motion” of women’s pleasure…something is lost in terms of the finesse! Perhaps if a woman were to design the tool and a man undertake the construction?

As with so many forms of female pleasure…I fear the men may require our direction…So, how would we change these amped up vibes? Hmmmnnn…the options seem endless, first the scale  should reflect the customer = SMALLER, LIGHTER, SOFTER…yes yes we do like it hard, but we like to WORK UP TO IT! I feel a bit as if I am redesigning the clunky too-big machines in the gym, they don’t fit either…Perhaps it is a man’s world and even our machines-o-pleasure are subject to a man’s view…NONSENSE! I refuse to accept this theory, rather I would like to think that it will only require a bit more time for our ladies to make their way to the tool-room and…CREATE!

With that…I invite you, my ladies, to take on the challenge…I have faith that WE can and will create the next best fucking machine…oh wait…maybe we HAVE: DIGITS 1 and 2?

heehee, xxx c.

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