I have been thinking about…VAGINA…of late.

I have been thinking about genitalia today. Womens’ genitals, in particular. From all different perspectives: self, other, senses (all 5), feelings/reactions, sexual, etc. And it has brought up a lot of…well FEELING in me. And why would it not?

Female genitalia have been alternately celebrated (Georgia O’keiff’s “flowers”), disparaged (“that is so ugly!”), condemned (chastity belts), and even demonized (vagina dentate). Thus, unsurprisingly, they bring up a mix of emotions from those of us that possess them…WOMEN.

We feel shame…even humiliation all to often when we gaze upon our own bodies, particularly this part of our bodies:


Why? Is it so terrible? So horrific an orifice so as to not deserve the pampering and plumping we give our lips…eyes…ears…etc.? I am not ignorant, I understand the deep-psychological social mores when it comes to vaginas: secret, dark, bad…as well as the confusing flip-side offered from those that desire our vaginas, who want nothing more to be inside. But here I am suggesting something a bit more subtle and intimate:


I once had a girlfriend say to me that she thought her vagina was the “ugliest thing in the world.” So, we did a photo shoot staring…HER VAGINA. True, it was more of an “outie” (your know what I mean) and had a little more to it than most but I decided very quickly looking at the images that her vagina looked very much like a butterfly, unique and quite lovely really. I do believe this experience was positive for her, but I can only speak for myself and say that it was marvelous for me because I began to understand vaginas as unique…different…unlike anything in the world so how could I possible call one (mine) ugly?

It simply IS…A VAGINA…like no other!

And THAT is enough…and so I say to my fellow women…celebrate your vagina…decorate it and care for it as you would any other part of yourself. And for those of you who haven’t I encourage you to gaze at the vaginas around…appreciate them as they are…a beauty unique to women…unlike any other.

xxx c.

One thought on “I have been thinking about…VAGINA…of late.

  1. teo says:

    So glad to see you back here 🙂

    I’ve never got that concept of “a dirty, ugly thing”, because as you’ve said – everybody wants to be there. It gives you pleasure, it gives pleasure to your partner, it gives life – how could it be ugly and dirty???

    Mine is rather an outie too, but I still see it in a good way, I see my vagina as a part of me, as my down-head, as an other way to express myself…

    Great post 🙂

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