Sex Toy Tuesday: She Can ROCK-Out & GET LUCKY This St.Patrick’s Day

An ipod With a Purpose

Yes indeed it seems that for all music lovers there is a vib’ on the market just for us! Oh sure, not only can you rock out to you fav’ tunes via your splashy emerald ipod this St.Paddy’s Day, BUT you can plug  ALL THE WAY IN with your matching mint ergonomic sex toy! I have to admit I love the idea…and am a bit enamored with the idea of vib’in along to some Nicki Manaj as soon as I purchase this, imagine when she hits those HARD NOTES!

The product info and video proves very…enticing:

Naughtibod may be smaller in stature then its big brother OhMiBod, but will rock your world just the same. Feel the vibrations of your favorite music. Naughtibod is the perfect size for your purse or while you are traveling. Its silhouette is as enticing to the eye, as its velvety finish is to touch. Harness the power of your playlist. Like all OhMiBod music vibes, Naughtibod comes with an integrated 7 pattern manual mode end cap so it can be used without music.

Your iPod®’s out of juice … no problem. Like all OhMiBod music vibes, the Naughtibod ipod massager comes with an additional end cap so it can be used without your music. In manual mode, you are able to choose from seven different vibrating patterns. Optimized for all iPod® models & iPhone, but compatible with other MP3 players. Naughtibod ipod massager also works with laptops, home stereos, portable CD players, microphones, electric guitar virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack. Explore the possibilities.

itunes has taken on a whole new meaning in my life…so much more…inspiring! xxx c



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