Let’s GET STICKY: Celebrate National Maple Syrup Day! (via VVG – Very, Very Good)


And to celebrate I have presented you with a deliciously sticky dessert (see reblog)…a delectable picture

And in the immortal (are they still around?) of Def Leopard, as creatively-quoted by my VERY witty friend Melicent S.:

Pour some syrup on me, C’mon fire me up, Pour your syrup on me, Oh, I can’t get enough, I’m hot, sticky sweet, From my head to my feet!

xxx c.

Did you know that today is National Maple Syrup day?! Neither did I.  I was really expecting this to sneak up on us sometime in March, when the trees are tap and sap is boiling.  But December 17 it is! In case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE maple syrup.  Liquid gold as my family calls it.  I am planning to make the Maple Cream Candy later today to celebrate.  You should too.  But if candy isn’t your thing (really? really?) you could try one of these … Read More

via VVG – Very, Very Good

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