The Garter Belt…iconic sensuality.

I remember when I first ever donned a garter belt. I was 15 years-old, a virgin, and extremely sexually curious. At the time, I was masturbating regularly to my mother’s long-forgotten 1970’s erotica and vividly imagining what all of these unknown sensations were to actually experience.

In my “real-life” I craved anything that might duplicate my paper-back fantasies…in them, the women were in control…confident…sensual…and always sheathed in luxurious lingerie…leather…lace…vinyl…silk…their lingerie seemed to mirror their persona…naughty, sweet, nasty…and for me, the most iconic item these women wore was always the garter belt.

The Garter Belt seemed to differentiate the normal woman from the truly sexually-confident woman.

It was sex.

The way it sits against the hip, it’s straps laid delicately on naked thigh holding-up oh so delicate stockings.

Classic. Beautiful. Alluring.

I remember the first time I finagled my mother into buying me one, two actually, ivory and one black lace. I have no idea what possessed her, probably only the desire to quell a momentary fancy of her overly imaginative daughter, but acquiesce she did and I got my lingerie. Tiny and delicate I was fascinated…standing in front of the full-length mirror in my pink holly-hobby bedroom, I was pleasantly pleased; I looked sexy, in control…like the women in my fantasies…until I tried to attach the hose.
Bent at a cock-eyed angle I struggled with the fasteners endlessly endeavoring to attach the hose without much luck initially.

It always took me at least 20 minutes to strap myself in…still does…and yet all that effort seemed worth it (still does)…like, of course a woman in control of her sexual desires would take care to dress accordingly…and that prize comes with a cost…it is not without effort.

Oh…but it is so worth it.

I currently find myself in the position of donning my “ancient symbol” of female sensuality, The Garter Belt, nearly daily now…and it still titillates…satisfies…and imbues great power.

I love it….and feel completely honored to have been given this little window in my life…to explore…to experience more of my sensuality…from a nymphobrainiacs perspective, of course. In truth, I could not do it without my Garter Belt…no way…it would be like going into battle without my weapon. A girl MUST always have her accessories, my dear…always!

Xxx c.




7 thoughts on “The Garter Belt…iconic sensuality.

  1. teo says:

    Great article!

    I love garter belts too. They have a secret-touch – I can go to school, to work and nobody besides me will know what I’m wearing under my skirt, but when my boyfriend slips a hand on my leg it’s getting hot… So I feel more feminine and “erotically charged” when wearing one 🙂

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