Supporting Artists: An Art Collector is BORN!

A few evenings ago I attended a Charity event at Beauty Bar in NYC.

Not only did I get a complimentary glass of Chardonnay AND a kick-ass mani (day 4 and it’s still not even chipped), but I was able to view the work of some very talented erotic artists, whose work spanned both coasts.

The event, co-organized and hosted by Joanna Angel of Burning Angel ( — a site dedicated to alt porn and sex-positive erotic projects), benefited porn star Jessie Lee in her recovery from a debilitating recent car accident.

There were live erotic performances.

A naugthy MC.

And general sexual tension in the air.

Still, the cause was kept in mind and everyone was encouraged to purchase displayed the art…sold at very reasonable prices.

I have ALWAYS wanted to buy art, support the talented; but I ALWAYS hesitate:

“One day, when I have enough money, for extra stuff like that.”

Art collectors are rich people, not young-ish struggling creative types like me…Yet, I always find myself admiring friends’ collections of variant art…from all price-ranges…and so, I made the decision:

This was MY night to start MY (humble) COLLECTION.

I chose this piece by, Viva Van Story (

Mostly because she reminded me a bit of me, that night…all 50’s pinup…with a naughty-coquettish look-it felt like the right place to start.

I am VERY pleased with my purchase and happy to support Ms. Van Story’s work as she is quite an interestingly beautiful  character herself.

There once was a time when images of women were filled with secrets and mystery, intrigue and enticement. A sideways glance, the trailing smoke of a slender cigarette, a whisper of danger on cherry red lips. Photographer Viva Van Story takes us back to the days of gun molls and garters with her stunning collection of vintage-inspired imagery. Ms. Van Story eschews the modern-day trend of in-your-face sexual explicitness, instead harkening back to an era where tease and suggestion reigned supreme. Her timeless images range from smoldering seduction to coquettish playfulness.

And so…that is my story…my first piece of artwork ever bought…and the beginning of what I hope will be a vast and varied collection. I must encourage you to act in-kind, artists need one thing (that we non-artists) can give, to enable them to keep creating…MONEY and exposure…I can do that, so can YOU!

xxx c.

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