Sex-Toy Tuesday: Vibes in disguise!

During a recent visit to a local pharmancy/convenience store chain here in NYC…I discovered something…sneaky…something covert and even, dare I say…INNAPROPRIATE?!?

Right next to the rack of ladies panties hose was THIS:


Disguised as a Dr.Scholl‘s “Mini Handheld Massager!

The humanity! The horror! What if little Tommy sees this and deems it the perfect gift for Mommy’s, “tight shoulders”?!? What if…I say! Well, of course the answer is…Mommy will find this gift’s ulterior motive most… pleasureful!

Not to mention that the thrifty cost of $14.99 (at Rite Aid) makes this neck massager a/k/a vibrator competitively priced when measured against comparable adult toys such as say The Rabbit, The Rocket, or The Magic Wand. How can this be? Those toys run upwards of $30 retail?!? Well, right away I think about the power…perhaps Dr. Scholl’s (known for shoe/foot products as I recall) doesn’t quite measure up to the high-powered vibes we know and love purchased in “proper” online or local sex-toy shops.

There is only one way to find out…

Yeah…I will have to get back to you on this entry. Hey, what’s the worse case scenario? I am out $14.99 and have a perfectly appropriate neck massager!

Stay Tuned…and enjoy your Sex Toy Tuesday NIGHT!

xxx c.

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