Sex Toy Tuesday: This CLIT’s for you!

When my girlfriends and I are situated around a bottle of wine, voices punctuated by riotous laughter…discussing the usual:




One caveat ALWAYS arises to the subject of vibrators:

“I don’t like to put anything inside me.”

Which is interesting when you consider that these are bisexual and straight girls, having sex with men, making this declaration. And while I have several psychological theories on this phenomenon, spanning from unease with one’s body as an independent sexual-subject (e.g. “fucking myself like ‘you’ fuck me,” creates conflictual feelings) to latent preferential clitoral technique (e.g. “I have always masturbated like this”). Regardless of the motivation, the truth remains:

Many women prefer adult sex toys that exclusively stimulate their clitoris.

And so, in honor of these women (I was one until recently, but we’ll discuss that in a later entry) I present:


Let’s start with an old standard:

The bullet

Small, classic, sleek, and simple…it has been around forever! Long enough to create a solid reputation as the “little sex toy that could”! More recent updates include a multi-speed version that boosts the amperage a bit…bringing me to my only criticism of The Bullet: not quiet enough power! As much as I am tickled by the vibes, I can never…quite…get THERE! Frustrating? Yes…but that is why we have fingers I suppose…wait…while not technically a sex toy:


Are THE ORIGINAL clit-stimulator, the one most of us turn to in times of…trouble!

But on to the next…

The Butterfly…this alienesque looking toy actually straps on delicately vibing your most sensitive areas. While I haven’t personally used this toy…it both fascinates AND frightens me just a bit. It is so pretty and it’s shape illustrates pleasure BUT…the fact that it’s strapped-on, making it difficult to adjust or REMOVE…for someone as sensitive as me…renders this toy a tad too intense for my taste…BUT if intense is what you desire then I would say The Butterfly is for you!

There are also the various nubby finger vibes.

Basically, The Bullet buckled onto your finger these tiny toys offer the organic shaping of The Butterfly’s body with the ability to move…to…just…where…you WANT IT! Certainly an improvement on an old classic…yet, I often find again that I have to use this toy in  tandem with another aide, which certainly isn’t a bad thing…if you don’t mind a bed full of toys! Ha!

Finally, I must mention my Favorite Clit-Vibe:

The Pocket Rocket

It is old…maybe 20 years! But…you cannot beat it’s power. No need for another toy, grab your rocket and go…which brings me to an added benefit, it is travel-friendly due to it’s all-in-one qualities: strong vibe, multiple levels of vibration, compact size, adequate shaping if you require “a little” insertion, and they even come with nubbly silicone sleeves for an added…tickle!

Whatever you decide to use…just remember Sex Toys are tools of desire…and so, WHATEVER  your desire is (as long as it’s not dangerous) indulge friends, INDULGE!

xxx c.

2 thoughts on “Sex Toy Tuesday: This CLIT’s for you!

  1. Special_one3 says:

    loved it missed this little post last week what id give to be a fly on the wall at one of your wine get together evenings so that picture of yourself at the bottom of the piece are u making a documentry or mini movie or something ??????

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      lol…when women get together you know how it is…we are FAR DIRTIER THAN MEN! As for the pic at the bottom yes that’s from “Under The Covers” directed by Feminist porn icon Candida Royalle…it was a great film I am honored to have been a part of…I talk about it here in the blog just click on one of the “porn” tags….thank you, for you support…always, xxx c

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