One, Two Freddy’s coming for you, 
Three, Four, better lock your door, 
Five, Six, grab your crucifix, 
Seven, Eight, gonna stay up late, 
Nine, Ten never sleep again. (Freddy’s 
Nursery Rhyme)

Arguably Freddy Krueger, of the A Nightmare On Elm Street series, is the celluloid King of Horror…but regardless of how you feel about ALL of the movies (you know at least ONE is a guilty pleasure), the Marvel Comic Book Series and specifically the A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Beginning series has actually received some acclaim from reviewers both in terms of the story line and the art (yes comics are books too!) and it is no wonder as the talent is…top notch!

Written by Steve Gerber & with artwork by Rich Buckler, Tony DeZuniga & Alfredo Alcala, these black & white classics are the adult themed Freddy stories every Nightmare fan clamors over. Issue’s 1 & 2 showcase a storyline called ‘Dreamstalker’, in which a young Elm Street girl named Allison is brutally beaten & slashed in her sleep. In comes psychologist Juliann who’s investigating the old case files on the Amanda Krueger case. (excellent back story here.) Juliann & Allison have a immediate connection similar to Nightmare 3’s connection between Nancy & Kristin. The ‘Dreamstalker’ storyline ended at issue 2, & although there’s an ad for Issue 3 (pictured below, far right), it never came out. The story & art for this series was top notch & the black & white only added to the dreaded feel. Both issues sport beautifully painted covers by Joe Jusko & pin-ups by Sam Keith & Bob Hall. If you can find these, buy them. (

Sounds like a great find for horror and comic buffs alike…I know I will be digging through the bins at my local comic shop next time for these!

Damn I love Halloween!

xxx, c.

8 thoughts on “

  1. Brian says:

    I think it’s part 5 where Freddy has the girl’s stomach open and he’s feeding it to her. That really scared me when that first came out. My mom bought me the box set for Xmas years ago and I watched them all one weekend and they seemed like comedy to me. Do u c my point? Like where Freddy invades the video game?

  2. Brian says:

    For the past 10 years, whenever I start dating someone, I make her watch THE TOXIC AVENGER with me. If they get freaked out or don’t “get it” then that’s a sign that we should not have any more dates! We all have our “tests” What do u think of that one, Claudine?

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      lol…well on the whole i don’t believe in “signs” but…I get your meaning…I usually tell lovers to read my blog and see if they are still interested it’s usually about 50/50 in terms of how frightened they get. Who the hell is “Claudine”?!?

  3. Brian says:

    Dr. Claudine from UTC!! Claudine is not a Mexican name, lol! I’d love to know what ppl got freaked out over by reading your blog? Did any of them really like it?

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