With great erotic horror fiction writers like:

  • Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Charlaine Harris
  • MaryJanice Davidson
  • Angela Knight
  • Vickie Taylor

Bite (2005) is the perfect collection of Vampire Erotica to keep you toasty on a Halloween Night, here’s a taste:

Liam groaned again and shifted his hands to her hips, helping her to find a rhythm they both liked. She bent forward and bit him at the neck; she couldn’t help it. He shivered and moved against her faster and she met this thrusts with his own urgency. Oh glory, it was wonderful to with someone again, to have that connection, to feed, to be fucked. Liam was giving her everything she longed for, all at once. It was almost too much; for a moment she was nearly delirious happiness. the she realized she has mistaken her orgasm for delirium. (MaryJanice Davidson, Biting in Plain Sight)

I hope it warms you…as much as it did me! xxx c

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