On Failure…

There has been so much written on FAILURE…so many great thinkers, philosophers, psychologists, businessmen, artists have chimed-in on the subject of what has come to be defined as: the state or condition of not meeting intended objectives or goals (Wikipedia). Basically everyone from every walk of life who has put themselves “out there” in some measure has experienced failure…and more often then not those that claim the greatest success have also had to own the most disappointment.


And yet…it’s hard, damnit!

It is hard to loosen one’s grip on hard earned desires…to actually welcome failure…with grace, even!

I suppose, currently I am at what one might term, a crux in life…and with that intermediary position…I find myself accepting much more failure than success.

It is NOT fun.

It is necessary.

And so…I sit…getting past my most recent let-down…allowing it to roll-off-my-back and into my garbage can of:

Not enough experience

Too much experience

Not the right experience

I am fondly referring to this place of refuse as my personal ass-crack of missed opportunities…catchy descriptive I think.

And yet, it is not as if I am without success and love…not the ambition and the knowledge to back it up.

So I sit…finding myself in-between, once again…as a consequence of both personal-life choices and simple right-time/right-place continuity…and I listen…I listen to the words of others that know…like this advice from a close and successful business associate and good friend:

There is nothing that can stop me from doing what I want, I really feel like that.  And I try to instill that confidence, motivation, and relentlessness in the people around me by never accepting the status quo, or from being satisfied with “now.”  Forget about here…we need to be “there”. I literally have gone through tons of disappointments, failures, personal and professional losses, it is the reason why I won’t fail.  I’m a great salesman and negotiator (now) because I never let the last lost sale affect the potential next new win.

I know that acknowledging momentary failure is not the same as accepting complete failure…and I can smile, take out the trash (so to speak)…and begin again.





Enjoy your weekend,

xxx c.

4 thoughts on “On Failure…

  1. G says:

    The topic I was dueling with myself latelly. Thanks for writing about it. Like always its good to hear your point of view and opnion.

  2. teo says:

    I think that there’s no way around it – failure sucks and it is good so. It really sucks, especially when you’ve worked hard and for a while on something and then it just falls apart, it sucks even more when the failure does not fully depends on you.

    But I think that you need this sucky feeling, the more sucky the better, because so you get more and more motivated to do something that will give you a nice feeling (of success) 🙂

    Good Luck!

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