In keeping with GREAT HORROR reads for HALLOWEEN posts, I present you with…I Am Legend, the much acclaimed 1954 horror-sci-fi classic by Robert Matheson always tops any Vampire Buff’s list one of THE BEST books in his or her blood-sucking collection.

The book is so compelling in fact that it has been adapted to film THREE TIMES! 

First in 1964 as The Last Man on Earth, then again 1971 as Omega Man, and then most recently in 2007 starring Will Smith (see scene above).

The story follows Robert Neville after the world’s population has been overtaken by a Vampiric Virus, leaving it’s inhabitants to rule the darkness as blood-thirsty monsters. While it is a wonderfully imaginative, if frightening, premise…the novel is most compelling as a character study of Neville’s increasing madness through grief and isolation…grappling with the question of humanity, and how one retains humanity when there is so little left!

He lay there on the bed and took deep breaths of the darkness, hoping for sleep. But the silence didn’t really help. He could still see them out there, the white-faced men prowling around his house, looking ceaselessly for a way to get in at him. Some of them, probably, crouching on their haunches like dogs, eyes glittering at the house, teeth slowly grating together; back and forth, back and forth.I Am Legend

xxx c.

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