A Word Of Advice To Fellow (Frustrated) Writers…

Writing is neither an easy nor particularly gratifying pursuit…instead it is sometimes trying and often quite anxiety provoking…still as with any art form…the artist is compelled to create…driven to go on…insatiable! And the most viable quality in a writer?

Bravery…confidence…and the courage to face adversity…no matter what the form.

As writers we face a multitude of…barriers.


In truth:

To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.Anne Rice

Cheers to those that venture on…that believe in their art…and please know that I (and many others) also believe…


Happy Fridays Lovers, xxx c.

4 thoughts on “A Word Of Advice To Fellow (Frustrated) Writers…

  1. special_one3 says:

    So i just found my password from my blog which i started up in augest of this yr (and lost the bloody password at the end of augest fuckin idiot your saying into yourself lol) very late starter i know but anyways i only got like 6 posts and only 51 views keepin in mind i havent been on the thing since the end of augest so im wondering should i just forget about that blog and start fresh all over again?? http://aspecialonesthoughts.blogspot.com

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      Okay…so this is my take…but JUST my take…I REALLY think that you should continue with you blog…you had a narrative there…and for the first maybe 6 months of my blog I barely had 50 views! Now I alternate between 300 & 100 and still wonder if it’s worth it…it is…TRUST ME…for yourself as a writer…to get used to putting stuff “out there” and to simply write…but also…there is something nice about having something that is truly your own! Also…it is nice when publishers start to look at your work to show them your blog, it carries weight! KEEP IT! I love it AND YOU…muah!

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