NymphoBrainiac: A Definition…REdefined


When I thought about what to call my blog, I brainstormed with a good friend of mine about how to express the qualities I value in myself. I knew that I wanted to talk about sex, erotic….yet I also wanted to incorporate psychology and my training as a clinician. We talked about developing a kind of erotic analysis, where I take specific erotic encounters and then break them down from a analytical/psychological perspective, however that seemed ripe with controversy and quite honestly not that much fun…but what did come out of that meeting was a name:


I liked it. It fit. It fit…ME. It fit my philosophy about sex…and the sexual…if I am going to do it, I am going to do it…mindfully!

Yet, as I look in the urban dictionary, I see that Nymphobrainiac is defined as: A person who can’t stop thinking about sex.

I take argument with this immediately…as wouldn’t that be a nymphomaniac? Defined as:

Excessive sexual desire in and behavior by a female. Derived from the Greek meaning nymph + mania. (Online Dictionary)

Using the root meaning of NymphoBRAINIAC, we can then derive the meaning to be:

NYMPHOBRAINIAC /nym.pho.brain.iac./noun: The mindful and intellectual exploration of sexual desire and behavior by a female. [Derived from the Greek nymph + English brain/mind].

And so…there we have it!

Nymphbrainiac is a woman who intentionally sets about to explore the intellectual implications of sexual desire and behavior, with curiosity and without judgment…THAT is what I strive to be to YOU…and hope very much that you will join me, as a fellow nymphobrainiac…as we explore all things erotic TOGETHER!

xxx c.

4 thoughts on “NymphoBrainiac: A Definition…REdefined

  1. Al says:

    Well done. All the words we have, we have because someone made them up at some time. If this is the female version of the word, is there a male equivalent?

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