Going through my bookshelves, I found a treasured Anne Rice volume from the famed Vampire Chronicles (Yes, the ones with Lestat)…Memnoch The Devil…paging through, I realized how I loved the way in which this book combines Ontological debate, as to the existence of God…with “solid” historical evidence backed the accounts of demons and vampires!

Classic and Anne Rice and beautifully done, if a bit philosophical and Socratic at times. Here’s taste of a debate between Memnoch (The Devil) and The Lord concerning the value if human suffering:

‘Memnoch, to me we human beings are all still a part of Nature, as I said, only humans are better than animals. Yes, humans cry out against suffering and they are conscious of it when they suffer, but in a sense they behave exactly like the lower animals, in that suffering improves them and drives the towards evolutionary advance. They are quick-witted enough to see it’s value, where the animals only lean to avoid suffering by instinct. Humans can actually be improved within one lifetime of suffering. But they are part of nature still. The world will unfold the way it always has, full of surprises. Some of those surprises will be horrid, others wondrous, and some beautiful. But what is known for certain is that the world will continue to grow and Creation will continue to unfold.’

‘Yes, Lord,’ I said, ‘but surely suffering is an evil thing…I see the ruin if hope and love and family; the destrucion of peace of mind; I see pain beyond endurance; I see man buckle under this, and fall into bitterness and hate.’

‘You haven’t looked deep enough, Memnock.’ (p. 270-271) 

I must say I do enjoy the fact that Rice has the Devil taking the side against human suffering….it seems quite fitting…doesn’t it?

Anyway, pick it up if you are in the mood for a little religious debate with your sexy-vamps!

Enjoy your HUMP DAY, xxx c.

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