Sex Toy Tuesday (#7): Time for the BIG(est) ONE!

I have to say that…in my opinion, the mother (or father) of all sex toys is:


The manufacturer boasts that:

Built to provide a lifetime of pleasure, this device has been marketed since 1987!  Sybian gives the ultimate in sexual  stimulation and is primarily used for sexual gratification but hundreds have had their first orgasm ever when using it.  Thousands have gone from settling for a single orgasm, to being multi-orgasmic and then to being poly-orgasmic.  All have become more responsive and enjoyable partners. (Sybian Website)

And as a lady who has indeed enjoyed more than a couple Sybian rides in my adult life…I have to agree, this is no boast…this is a MAJOR PIECE OF ADULT SEX-TOY EQUIPMENT!

In essence, it is as it appears…a GIGANTIC VIBRATOR!

Not for the faint of heart…this thing…shaped roughly like a saddle…is meant to be straddled and rode with or without the multitude of additional attachments

…with or without internal penetration…trust me on this, you do NOT require penetration for orgasm because the Sybian must be equipped with a motor the size of a Mack Truck! This thing will vibrate you to Kingdom CUM!

And Cum you will…and cum…and CUM…and CUUUUMMM!

In fact perhaps that is my one complaint…over-stimulation. Be sure the person controlling the device (a la remote) is judicious with the power…go for a slow and moderate increase rather than a full-on slam…otherwise it will be sensory overload and can quickly become an uncomfortable experience…there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! Think of mirroring the ebb and flow of a natural climax, much like the Bell Curve:

…a slow rise to the top and then safely let’er down!

I was actually first introduced to the Sybian by friend and partner Liz SVG of SVG NATION who throws amazing sensual events in Pennsylvania…and let me tell you…it was a quite an introduction! Since then we have included it in events for Sexxymofo and as it is always a crowd pleaser. Liz insists that it can also be enjoyed by couples quite easily…as both men and women respond to a good vibe…but it must be admitted that it is most suited to the female anatomy!

Of note, recently at this past year’s HedoOnline’s Sybarite Awards (industry awards that celebrate the erotic in NYC and the Tri-State area) Dave Lambert, the creator of the Symbian was honored for his achievement…also making an appearance on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio (please see the rather entertaining video below).

You must admit he made for a very interesting, if slightly creepy guest…but I suppose he does help us: “GET THE POISON OUT!”

But, I digress…aside from all of that scintillating background…this week’s sex toy choice is the A-list of sex toys…for the serious connoisseur…as I believe they start at around $1k…and certainly for those that desire some real power in their toys…

Cheers to YOU…as The Symbian is FOR YOU!

Until Next time…wishing you happy Sex Toy Tuesday!

xxx c.

3 thoughts on “Sex Toy Tuesday (#7): Time for the BIG(est) ONE!

  1. Special_one3 says:

    sex toy tuesday is def something to look forward 2 everyweek and todays piece didnt disappoint and the line “This thing will vibrate you to Kingdom CUM” was just classic. Did u write about this device in another earlier piece of work?

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