‘Marie Antoinette’ by Antonia Fraser…a sympathetic nod to a naughty princess!

(This is a repost from my other blog: Conchita’s OPEN Book…I do hope you don’t mind…it seemed relevant)

Last week…in my OTHER blog, MY LIFE AS A NYMPHOBRAINIAC…I wrote about Sophia Coppola‘s 2006 film, Marie Antoinette, staring Kirsten Dunst…an indulgent piece detailing the exploits of its oft misunderstood main character, the film is a beautiful work to behold…visually…it is as sumptuous and sensual as we imagine life at Versailles to be!

Honestly, it feels like a guilty pleasure to watch…

And I enjoy it as much as I do a fluffy, sugary, delicate…piece of…CAKE!

Upon doing a bit more research on the film recently I discovered that it is in fact based on a novel by the historian/fiction writer, Antonia Fraser

Of course I snatched a copy as quick as I could locate one and after finishing the first 30 pages of this rather lengthy tome (600+ pages in total)…I find a slightly different Marie Antoinette emerging… certainly one who is much more complex…layered…and overall a sympathetic being. A child who who’s future was determined by royal birth and who’s unfortunate downfall appeared to be her destiny. Spoiled…yes…indulgent…yes…and yet she was also innocent and naive to many of the political determinism of her day…and no…she never said,

Let them eat cake!

That unfortunate attribution was actually uttered by a royal 200 years before Marie Antoinette became Queen of France! In fact this queen was quite the humanitarian it seems… Mis-attributions aside…I very much look forward to getting into THIS ONE!

As`always…I will keep you updated along my read! xxx c

2 thoughts on “‘Marie Antoinette’ by Antonia Fraser…a sympathetic nod to a naughty princess!

  1. Daniela says:

    Very nice blog Conchita .
    A fascinating account of Marie Antoinette’s life. This is the biography Sofia Coppola based her movie on and it’s supposed to be the best biography on Marie Antoinette. I highly recommend it!

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