danae – egon schiele (via SPACE IN TEXT)…Twisted & Tortured Beauty.

Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter and a protégé, as well as would be successor of Gustav Klimt (“The Kiss“…a personal favorite). He came into his own in the art world in the early 20th century. Schiele’s moody work is noted for its intensity, and the many self-portraits the artist produced. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele’s paintings and drawings mark his work as expressionistic.

While I am no art-historian or even technically knowledgeable…his work has ALWAYS touched me. I was first introduced to his paintings in an undergraduate class that focused on several prominent artists and their psychology. Schiele was, by far, the most compelling personality we focused on. He had a particularly strained relationship with his mother and an incestuous one with his sister, primary attachments which clearly influenced his art and depiction of both himself and his “mother” in his work.

He was a psychologically tortured man…who expressed that pain, touchingly…often disturbingly…in his art…his work whispers to the twisted and yet vividly plain…confusion in us all…which makes it truly powerful.

Hope you look up and enjoy his work as much as I…I will post a few more today…xxx c.

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