Thinking About: Spanking…then & NOW!

On the eve before the Sexxymofo Naughty School Girlz Party I find myself reflecting on


As a child I HATED getting spanked (yes, back in my day children were still spanked, today it is considered “child abuse”)…my mother would reprimand me and then sentence me to a later punishment, mentally torturing me all day with:

“What until you father gets home!”

And indeed when he did I would get a “beatin”…still he was firm and quick, much better than my mother who was emotional and erratic with her spanking-style…grabbing whatever was in her area and usually breaking it at some point!

I laugh NOW…and laughed a couple times then…(which I immediately regretted as the ensuing reaction was double the original punishment)…but as an adult I find that spanking is still a part of my life…although not in a disciplinary manner…

Rather spanking and being spanked as an adult has taken on erotic purpose…fulfilling (I am sure) some psychological need tangled in a universal desire to be both dominant and submissive…the difference, as an adult, being:


A mechanism which seems to make all the difference in the world! Making a merely painful and emotionally degrading childhood experience (still) that…and also so much more:

Erotic…sensual…and satisfying…

If done properly…with attention to pressure and ending with a nice kiss. It is quite intriguing how such a common and negative childhood memory can develop into fulfilling sensual play. Or perhaps Freud was right and our seeds of sexual pleasure are all based on that all impressionable latent phase in childhood which influences all of our adult…erotic fancies…and in fact nothing is new about our adult sexual desires…fantasies…fetishes.

Could be…or perhaps…Spanking is just HOT!

And the opportunity to engage in such an erotic and playful activity with someone you love and respect is…FUN!

I will try not to deconstruct this notion today…and just get my plaid skirt and ruler ready for the spankies at tomrrow’s event!

have a wonderful weekend,

xxx c.

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