For Those Who Love FEM Fantasy/Horror…P. Briggs just doesn’t sink her teeth in!

In this first of five (soon to be 6) in the Mercy Tompson Series by Patricia Briggs we meet our heroine, the tough and talented Mercy…a shape-shifter with a nose for trouble and a knack for perseverance. She is as hard and nasty as she is loyal and idealistic. She fights for what is right and as a reader, we love it…we love her! The novel is woven in modern times when mythes, monsters and legends (e.g. vampires, werewolves, goblins) roam freely, some “outed” and some not. We, follow Mercy as she negotiates the trials and politics of the wolfpack that raised her. The story is solid, easy to follow. There is a hint of mystery and intrigue…but there is also something missing in this premiere of the series…


Briggs stops short of pushing the development between her characters. We enjoy then…we fell for them…but I could never quite get a sense of how they felt for one another.

The novel reads a lot like a wonder menagerie of fantastical figures..waiting to meet one another!

I can only hope…that in the next installment Briggs gives her characters the introduction they so badly deserve!

xxx c.

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