The world is wide. (via Molly….Actually)

Such an apt reflection of my own feelings and the pull between living the “straight life” versus LIVING…Thank you…for reminding me…to embrace and fight for MY PASSIONS…perhaps this quote will trigger some of the same in YOU! xxx c

“Well, sir, you have to understand how I got here. I–I don’t know how to put this–I’m not really part of this world at all. I just don’t fit in, in a sense, so that these, uh, strictures, uh…Well sir. I was in college, you know, and when I got out of college I just, I couldn’t bear to, uh, to just continue on in this future that seemed to be set out for me. It would have been publishing maybe, or maybe advertising, or maybe graduate school if … Read More

via Molly….Actually

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