“Shadow Bound”: A Novel Embracing Transitional Space

This lyrical novel, first in the 2010 two-part Shadow series, by newcomer Erin Kellison is a wonderful example of how the fantasy/horror/romance genre is developing as a complex and unique dynamic literary-style. Pulling on the fantasy world of the Fae, Kellison adopts a poetic manner when writing about the novel’s rather contrary protagonist:


Death resides in shadow…the transitional darkness between life and death: Faery.

He is unearthly, chilling, and frighteningly compassionate…and he has a daughter. A daughter whom we join in her painful journey toward self-discovery during an impending war between humans and the undead…a war that only she can conquer. She is intelligent and analytical…if stubborn and idealistic…she is the perfect embodiment of life and death…of SHADOW…born of a human mother who’s suffering Death fell unwittingly in-love with…her conception was a twisting of pleasure and grief and indeed her life reflects that dialectic: A life that is truly Shadow Bound by death:

The dark didn’t hide anything from her. It never had. Shadows only deepened color, and textures took on added dimension. Total darkness revealed a realm of sensation as seductive and terrifying as any fertile imagination could conjure. (pg. 29)

This is an imaginative and beautifully constructed piece…that read as much like poetry as it does fiction…and I highly recommend Shadow Bound to anyone seeking something slightly more uncommon…something to really sink your teeth into!

xxx c

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