Dirty Talk: It Takes ALL 5 Senses!

So…I am co-hosting an event this weekend at Pranna, nd NYC Club…beautiful decor…soaring ceilings and amazing acoustics…it’s my Saturday regular spot with Blaqlist (www.theblaqlist.com). I am working on the house-music party in the cellar, which I KNOW will, with hard work, be a really special party…of course, with the help of some PHENOMENAL DJ’s like Jay Dabhi & Peter Parker….and on the promotions side…one of the most sensual creatures I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…Miss Toxik Nation…oh and when I say creature…I mean a lovely, amazing, human being…FULL of creativity…someone that I am quite honored to be working with!

THIS WEEKEND…there is a super special performance this SATURDAY the 18th at Pranna by Wynter Gordon, dance music artist extraordinaire…doing her hit, “DIRTY TALK“:

The lyrics bombard us with all variations of DIRTY TALK…as Wynter tells us she is…NO ANGEL!

Well certainly I can relate…and apparently a few of my friends can as well…we started FB’ing about being Dirty…and I discovered that DIRTY TALK truly involves ALL SENSES to be REALLY DIRTY!

Let’s delve a little DEEPER…shall we?

1 Sight

The decadence of this image is truly…a 10-course meal!

2. Smell

The chocolate…that deep almost primitively musky scent that drives us women CRAZY!

3. Hearing


4. Taste

To the tongue…velvet…ending with the piquant nip if the strawberry…and THEN…


Perhaps the DIRTIEST of ALL…

From ONE LITTLE DIRTY PICTURE…we seem to have covered all our DIRTY THOUGHTS and, I hope…inspired a little DIRTY TALK…in YOU!

Looking forward to sharing the evening with some of you and…stimulating conversation…perhaps?



4 thoughts on “Dirty Talk: It Takes ALL 5 Senses!

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