Before She Told Us About Vampires…Anne Rice ‘GAVE’ Some REAL Dirty!

Anne Rice; of course we know and love her as the author of those highly-readable VAMPIRE novels, before vampires were THE “IT” THING I must add, however prior to blood-and-fangs Anne Rice gave us some real naughty! By naughty I am not referring to romance, or even much of the (light-by-comparison) erotica I have reviewed in this blog, rather Ms. Rice gave us…REAL SADOMASOCHISTIC-style erotica. Stories meant to titillate, turn-on, and stimulate…your body and your mind.

Sound like a contradiction? Well it is…to those unfamiliar with the world of sadomasochism (or BDSM, in common nomenclature)…in reality it is a dialectic, or two seemingly incompatible concepts that in fact can and do coexist.

As a therapist I have worked with more than a few clients involved in the BDSM lifestyle and can say that by far the most compelling and fascinating aspect of this lifestyle is the complex understanding and manipulation of interpersonal power dynamics…dynamics that are existent in everyone’s, daily life. Yes, I will concede that BDSM is an exaggeration of these dynamics, but the emotions…the layers of experience are extremely relatable…I think, to even the most naive voyeur. Interestingly enough…it was A.N. Roquelaure (aka Anne Rice) who introduced me to these…intersections in sexuality…in emotionality…in LIFE…with her:


3 books (Published in the early 1980’s):

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Beauty’s Punishment

Beauty’s Release

There is actually an interesting history on the banning of these books (Please click HERE) in several book stores and her choice of Nom De Plume’s true meaning is “under the cloak”, which is an allusion to erotica’s darker origins. Aside from the controversy, these books were quite influential, to me…they represented not only a real introduction to erotica but a true study of human power-dynamics through the lens of sadomasochism…Raw…Hard…yet, simultaneously capturing Softness…& Love…all running parallel to one another beautifully:

The Queen’s hand was under her sex as if weighing it, feeling the roundness and heaviness of the lips, pinching them.  “Arch your back,” said the Queen, ” and lift your buttocks, little cat in heat.”  Beauty obeyed, her eyes flooded with tears of shame.  She was trembling violently as she took a deep breath, and against her will felt the Queen’s fingers commanding her passion, squeezing the flame so it burned hotter. Surely Beauty’s pubic lips were swelling, their juices flowing, no matter how bitterly she struggles against it!  In a blur Beauty saw Prince Alexi move to the dressing table.  And then before her, propped against a silk pillow, was the mirror, tilted so she could see the Queen’s smooth white face distinctly.  The dark eyes terrified her.  The Queen commenced to spank her.  One great hard slap after another fell on her buttocks, and if a paddle had ever been worse she could not remember it.

(The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty)

These books are long gone now…borrowed and never returned…even though I bought double copies of each…BUT their impact…lingers…like DESIRE itself.

I do believe I will be purchasing and rereading these HOT little gems…perhaps you will too! Do tell me what you think…I welcome your thoughts and desire…

xxx c.

One thought on “Before She Told Us About Vampires…Anne Rice ‘GAVE’ Some REAL Dirty!

  1. Vanessa says:

    I LOVED this trilogy!! I knew that what I felt and have always had a desire to experience a DOM as I would make a perfect SUB, after reading and watching various videos. My heart beats quickens as I read this blog :).

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