Sex Toy Tuesday (#3): The Kid-Friendly Wii Gets a NAUGHTY Application!

My Boyfriend is a GAMER (cap’s are meant to emphasize the importance of video games in his life). Because he is a gamer and we spend quite a lot of free-time together, I am exposed to all manner of  USELESS (THAT is my emphasis) gamer trivia. However most recently I came across a video game application that might actually come in…handy (bad pun intended):


This is a “Teledildonic” add-on device meant for the Nintendo Wii game system which, if you didn’t know, don’t live with a gamer, or have kids…IS a gaming system that  caters primarily to children and virtually eliminates game controls by reading and translating your actual physical movements into game play. Very cool stuff…

of course it was only a matter of time before someone created a gadget to make it…SEXY!


I am seriously laughing right now…

Here is what the reviews have to say about this new, now only prototypical, mutual masturbatory device:

Mojowijo is a teledildonic accessory for the Nintendo Wiimote, which is somewhat ironic given the console’s family-friendly reputation. The device, currently in private beta, is very simple: You hook the hardware components to two Wiimotes. Wiggling and thrusting on the first remote are detected and sent via Bluetooth to a nearby PC (you don’t need the actual Wii itself).

From there, your movements are sent over the internet and reproduced by a vibrator on the other Wiimote, allowing a remote partner to enjoy your stimulations. Amusingly, the product page touts these teledildonics as just one possibility: the others are sharing the game with someone in the same room, or using the device on yourself. This last seems absurd, a little like riding a bike and steering it using a couple of sticks. It would obviate the need for sitting on your arm until you can’t feel your hand, though.

You can sign up for the beta now, and you’ll get a prototype device to test. The signup page asks for an awful lot of personal details, though, so it might pay to be wary before jumping in, especially as the product shots are just computer-renderings.

If this does take off though, we can see all manner of possibilities.


All Manner of possibilities…I like that! I have long pondered…as I stared blankly at whatever-of-the-moment-hot-game my boyfriend was playing…What if a virtual world of sex could be created? How much more interesting and engaging would game play be? I know there are Japanese games here and there that have tried such things, and perhaps I am only fantasizing about impossibilities but…if the Mojowijo is any indication…maybe, just maybe…I might become a GAMER too!

ya think?

ok…ADULT-VIDEO-GAMER…sound better?



5 thoughts on “Sex Toy Tuesday (#3): The Kid-Friendly Wii Gets a NAUGHTY Application!

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