Here There Be Monsters (Part 1) (via Elven Elysium: The Fantasy Art of Molly Stanton)

Lately, I have been led to thoughts concerning CONNECTION…both with others and to…the self. These thoughts have mirrored happenings both around as well as in…me. When I sit very still…and allow my thoughts about CONNECTION to swirl about…I notice something I never noticed before:

CONNECTION is essential to happiness…ALL connection…and something more…understanding the nature of our personal connections to ourselves…our darkness and lightness…our total being is the only way in which we actually have a shot at accepting said happiness.

I know…it’s a deeply layered thought…like an onion…and I suppose we peel away the layers through some hard earned tears…and that is the beauty…and the pain of CONNECTION…

Again, not so much it’s existence, but our own unique ability to understand, to sit and really KNOW the nature of those CONNECTIONS.

The piece I reblogged touches on this concept from an artist’s perspective, however psychological concepts are used to emphasize her points. I thought that it was quite fitting considering my own reflections as this piece settled around my own thoughts comfortably…perhaps it will speak to you in a similar manner…enjoy, the writing is melodic and very well done, to say the least!


“There are men too feeble for contemplation. Being unable to raise themselves to contemplation form the weakness of their Soul, unable to behold spiritual reality and fill themselves with it, but desiring to see it, they are driven to action that they may see that which they could not see with the spiritual eye.” – Plotinus Art is the language of the soul. To create a piece of art is to reach into the infinite universe that exists inside you (and … Read More

via Elven Elysium: The Fantasy Art of Molly Stanton

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