Sex Toy Tuesday! (#2): Koosh It All Night LONG!

Last week…over wine with friends, something novelty was discovered…Well to be honest a few novel things were discovered…one being that a couple of my friends had their tongues pierced…which of course ALWAYS leads to the discussion of oral sex. I won’t bore you with all the naughty details, except to say that the inquisition, discussion rather, was anything but boring…and that something vitally important to those of us that enjoy oral (giving and receiving)  was revealed:


Now I know what you’re thinking…it sounded like something too fantastical to exist to me as well…but NO…The Vibrating tongue ring exists and is widely available!

There it is…teasing us above.

The little devil even comes with 2 extra batteries to ensure complete satisfaction!

Obviously the ladies in the discussion, of variant sexual orientations, expressed unabashed excitement to both give and receive from their “end”. AND, after a little deeper discussion with the men…it was thought that perhaps oral sex on men could also be enhanced by  such a petite and yet delightfully ticklish little toy!

So…Viva La Lengua!!!

Here is this amazing little creation in action:

(You have to love the choice of background music there…interesting yet appropriate)

It’s enough to get me giggling with excitement…I tell you! Without any personal experience with his particular product…the THOUGHT of its soft yet spiky little rubber vibrating balls on my clit…gives me (the good kind of) chills, clear through to my…well you know!

If you are interested in purchasing one of your own for your lover and/or yourself…both really…everyone seems to benefit from this toy…I found a link that appears to be legitimate, CLICK HERE (remember I am not associated with this company or their products)…AND don’t forget to tell me ALL ABOUT IT…sharing is caring.


xxx c.

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