Sex Toy Tuesday (#1): The Devil Made Me DO IT!

As you know from my previous posts, I do enjoy my adult toys (Click HERE for a refresher on my TOYS) and up until this point I think I have focused mainly on toys that please ME! BUT I have been remiss because THE ABOVE TOY I love to share!

And while, I by no means have any affiliation with this product, other than personal, I have to say it is quite wonderful when shared with you partner…as the image illustrates…it…flicks and quivers in all the necessary places…not to mention…it’s kinda fun to…PLAY WITH THE DEVIL!

Anyway…here is the product info and a link to a reputable website…ENJOY!

Diablo CockringThe devil made me do it! Just shove a bullet through his head and let his tongue and horns go to work. The waterproof Diablo Cockring will help you take your wicked fantasies to a whole new level. Sinfully sexy vibrations reverberate through him, concentrating in his horns and tongue. Slip him on, lay back, and let him take you and your lover to the dark side! The nubs on the comfortable and stretchy ring offer added stimulation. The removable 3-speed power bullet easily slides into Diablo`s head for vibrating pleasure. You can even use the bullet alone during foreplay. Batteries are included to get the devilish delights started right away. This horny devil won`t miss a spot!


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