Nook vs. Kindle: It’s A BLOODY Battle!

For those of you who love to read, a lot, like me…you may be finding yourself growing increasingly attracted to the few e-reader options out there and by now you most likely have narrowed your interest down to two:

The Kindle by Amazon


The Nook by Barnes & Nobel

Due to book availability, price, Wi-Fi ability, accessibility, and ease of use these two easily lead the pack…and I have owned BOTH…but prefer ONE over the other, decisively.

Let me first say, that I am a BOOK PACK RAT…meaning I have all of the books I have ever bought, been given, or otherwise acquired since childhood…which is quite a few…all packed, sometimes in double rows, on bookshelves that reach the ceiling of my New York Apartment. AND although I have fully integrated e-books into my DIGITAL LIBRARY…there are certain reasons to buy ACTUAL BOOKS, in my humble opinion, which include:

  • Research/Resource Materials-Nothing compares to a highlighter and post-its. The e-books come with a highlighter option that simply is neither user-friendly nor easily accessible. When you need-to-know something pulling the book out and paging-through equals gratification like to other, “I found it!”
  • Image-Heavy Materials-Obviously. Unless you have the Ipad, which doesn’t have access to nearly the amount of books as the others, the resolution just doesn’t measure-up on these e-readers quite yet. 
  • Poetry-Again there is an almost magical quality to picking up an actual book of poems, thumbing the many dog-eared pages…and visiting some forgotten and yet much loved prose.

Aside from that…I am a lover of the e-book movement!

But…ONE reigns…above the other:


And NOW here’s why:

Both the Nook and the Kindle’s cost is comparable: Approximately $149/$139 without Wi-Fi and & $189 with. Additionally, the cost per book averages out, with more variance in Nook-books but in the end, downloads run between $4.99-$12.99 depending on release date and individual deals with the publisher. Both share one fantastic perk: FREE BOOKS! Quite honestly, both seem to offer the same free titles…so we begin with an even playing field… 

Until the Nook urges forward…and takes the lead!

Because…the Nook is associated with Barnes & Nobel in-store support is available, right as you walk-in, in fact. Also if you power-up when you enter the store you receive instant in-store discounts and have access to ready any book for your duration of your visit…not to mention Starbuck’s is in-house and I love the free cookie coupon! 

The Nook has the option for an external expandable memory, the Kindle does not. BUT with a base capacity of approximately 10,000 books for both…does it matter?

The Nook also has a removable/replaceable batter, the Kindle does not.

More IMPORTANTLY, the Nook has the option to SHARE your books with friends for 14-days…which I think is excellent…in that way I think Barnes and Nobel captures one of the beautiful things about ACTUAL BOOKS…sharing. The difference? You actually get your book back in the end!

Also, the Nook is slightly more user friendly with a i-phone-like touch-pad platform that, for me, is easier to navigate and search for books. The downside to this additional hardware being that the Nook takes a bit longer to boot-up when you initially turn the power on, and its battery-life isn’t as long as the Kindle…3-4 days compared to 7+ days…But for me, the trade-off was acceptable.

Comparisons aside…most of the books reviewed in this blog were originally enjoyed on the Kindle or Nook…and I must say both have served my Bibliophilic fantasies well…however, should you decided on the Nook…look me up…I’m all about sharing…Happy Reading!


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